You can tell a lot about a state by what type of stuff we shop for. If that is indeed true, Idaho may be in more trouble than we thought.

The Estately Blog compiled data from Google Trends to determine what Idaho people search for when they're shopping. Here's what we obsess over in our state allegedly.

1. Shamwow

2. NERF Blaster

3. Fez

4. Metal Detector

5. Glass pipe

6. Smoked Turkey

7. Trucker Hat

8. Surfboard

I actually understand the rationale behind Shamwow, especially with all our flooding this spring. My family loves NERF Blasters. That's how we settle arguments. But, the fez at #3 and surfboard at #8 are mystifying. We're not known for great fashion choices in Idaho, but a fez? Are we all Shriners?

I hate to rain on anyone's parade, but there aren't a lot of oceans nearby to go surfing and if you try it on the Snake, you're braver than I am.

Looking at this Idaho shopping list, perhaps it is finally time to make that therapist appointment.

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