I’ve got to thank local businesswoman Liyah Babayan for sending me a video about the dangers of wind farms.  It comes from Norway.  We’ve either been told in Idaho that the turbines don’t impact wildlife on the ground, or in the air, or that there are acceptable losses because we’re going “green”.  What’s a few hundred bald eagles and thousands of other migratory birds when Californians can power their Teslas on the backs of Idaho’s carnage?

In Norway, reindeer have been impacted.  And the people who’ve made a living and a culture herding reindeer.  For millennia.  The Sami people have long believed they’re second-class citizens in Scandinavia and this is making their point even bolder.

The narrator of the video makes it clear the government is in the business of picking winners and losers.  We’re like the Sami in that we don’t register as having value with the cabernet tippling elites doing the picking.

It’s even worse if you’re from an indigenous tribe in North America.  The government has issued a few apologies over the years and that’s where it ends.  This week I read a story about some tribes demanding they be given veto power over offshore farms and in neighboring Washington State one tribe senses betrayal.  You can read more at High Country News.  A lot of big political donors are carving up sacred lands for other big political donors.

We’ve got a government virtually nobody trusts.  It can’t get out of its own way.  The Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger wrote this week about the massive discontent from coast-to-coast.  Millions of Americans have been pushed too far.

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