You realize you’re going to stop driving.  Right now!  The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says otherwise the sky will fall by 2030.

When they’re done hanging the staff at the United Nations, administrators of various governments and environmentalists, they’ll open the taps.

Last week I posted a link about the futility of wind turbines.  Harvard researchers admit the turbines are a greater environmental threat than previously believed.  A guy commented on our Facebook page, claiming I was overlooking some of the story.  Here’s what he didn’t acknowledge. In order to power the planet we would need so many turbines we’d practically blot out the sun and temperatures would rise from the wind convection.  Oh, and making turbine stands, blades and wires requires what we refer to as “fossil fuels”.

Go ahead, Lefty, keep deluding yourself.  Park the car and leave it parked.  Sever your heating and cooling unit.  Today!  Turn in your phone (mining of rare earth metals for phones is a cause of climate stress).  Eat only what you grow and barter with neighbors.  Stitch together your own clothes.  No TV, Internet or lighting.

I’m including two links from the Wall Street Journal with some caveats.  It requires a subscription, although.  Some times after a few days you can see the content for free.  The Journal is marketed to a capitalist audience.  Capitalist isn’t a synonym for conservative.  Successful capitalists follow trends in markets, science and human behavior.  Capitalist doesn’t mean propaganda or inaccurate.  The links are here and here.

One is from a scientist name Bjorn Lomborg.  He’s not a climate denier.  He just doesn’t believe the alarmism is helpful.  The other link is from a writer named Holman Jenkins.  He appears to be a trend watcher.  A few notes from their writings.  The European Union estimates the cost of a radical shift would be twice yearly what the member nations can afford.  In other words, mass starvation, wars and civilizational collapse.  Lomborg suggests we need cheaper alternative energy and recommends spending 100 billion dollars a year on research.  He believes it’ll find solutions.  It’s also a pittance compared to what the United Nations has in mind.

When was the last time you played catch with a hornets’ nest?  Jenkins cites the hippie Governor of California.  Jerry Brown warns of capping all oil wells at once.  The following day you’d have a very angry global public.  When they’re done hanging the staff at the United Nations, administrators of various governments and environmentalists, they’ll open the taps.

You can dismiss them as rubes but I think the truly stupid are the lefties who believe they can somehow enforce the change.

Oh, and one of the writers at the Journal points out worldwide economic growth will clearly outstrip damage costs from climate change.  Maybe it’s what really bothers the left.  Capitalism works.  It provides solutions because it provides the money for solutions.  And industrial sized wind turbines aren’t the answer.  Wind farms are boondoggles.  Paid for with tax dollars and with little return (if any) on investment and a serious threat to the environment.  And you hemp-clothing wearing, granola chomping, Prius driving whack-a-doodles wonder why we mock you?

This week I saw 3 electric cars charging at the Twin Falls visitor center.  The drivers behind the wheels and waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting…

Where do they think the electricity comes from?  Mother Goose?

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