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The radical environmentalists who burned down sawmills, drove spikes into trees, and destroyed Hummer dealerships 30 years ago are now firmly entrenched in government.  Think Tracy Stone-Manning.  She’s the current Director of the Bureau of Land Management.  She used to brag about spiking trees, which was a serious hazard to the loggers of the time.  The kook-a-loos on the left prefer the trees over people.  They view the latter as a weed or invasive species.

BLM will make the final call on wind farms that could scar five counties in southern Idaho.  Those are Twin Falls, Lincoln, Jerome, Minidoka, and Gooding Counties.

The mainstream news media celebrates Stone-Manning.  If wind turbines are approved and opponents adopt Earth First tactics, then how do you think mainstream media will treat sabotage?  You know the meaning of a rhetorical question.

Exactly what kind of people are behind alternative energy?  About a dozen years ago, a coworker shared a video with me.  It was pulled from a documentary about Earth First.  These people are evidence that the purveyors of climate change have adopted it as a replacement for religious faith.  Oh, and they’re nuts!  Watch the video below.

Michael Savage used to say liberalism was a mental disorder.  The Church of Global Warming has its cathedrals, expiation, and flagellation.  The only difference in the video is that worship doesn’t take place beneath a roof.  I met people like those in the video when I was a young reporter and covered an international Green Party convention.  A bee landed on me and I swatted it away.  As I attempted to step on it, two women in hemp clothing grabbed me.  “We must learn to coexist!” one shouted.  Again, simply nuts.

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