BOISE, Idaho (AP) — It's been a wild ride in Idaho over the last 12 months.

One of the state's top stories of 2017 was the death of 85-year-old Cecil Andrus, a cabinet member in former President Jimmy Carter's administration and Idaho's longest serving governor. Andrus stood out as the state's first four-term governor in Idaho history and conservation champion.

Meanwhile, the International Dark-Sky Association recognized the state on three occasions in 2017 for its dazzling night skies in a move that could boost tourism and increase home values in some areas.

Finally, before Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein faced reports of sexual misconduct, an explosive seven-page tort claim was filed in September alleging Idaho State Controller Chief of Staff Dan Goicoechea sexually and racially harassed staffers. The claim — filed by a former employee — eventually resulted in a settlement but the move kicked off a bigger look at sexual misconduct in Idaho.

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