Are your children and family members the property of the government?  I received a question this morning while on-air.  By now, many of you have heard the story of the baby seized from his parents in Meridian.  Child Protective Services maintains the little boy is underweight and malnourished.  The baby was taken by force from his mother after the family missed an appointment with a doctor.

No right-minded person wants to see a child suffer, but this case is raising concerns among some that the state has too much power.  The charge comes as CPS and the foster care system are prohibited by law from releasing many details.  The courts have told the family they’ll need to wait another month to petition for the release of the baby.

People Can't Find Easy Answers

The veil of secrecy is stoking suspicions on social media that the seizure of the little boy is politically motivated.  The child’s grandfather is a well-known businessman and Christian pastor Diego Rodriguez.  The pastor was a vocal opponent of state power under COVID restrictions and is also a close associate of Ammon Bundy.

Bundy was arrested over the weekend for trespassing outside the hospital where police took the baby.  He was asking for answers.  Media coverage focused primarily on Bundy’s arrest.  Otherwise, mainstream media continues its descent into an appendage of the state.

Is This a Case of Political Intimidation?

The former operator of a daycare center in the Magic Valley called my show and explained CPS usually moves at a glacial pace but not in this case.

I realize there could be good arguments from the bureaucrats making the decisions, but since the system is created to promote silence it’s only increasing distrust in government institutions.  I’ve got an open mind.  I’m willing to listen.  I’m hearing very little.

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