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A caller suggests we need to give our President and Governor some slack on coronavirus response.  As he calmly explained to me this morning, they had to make decisions based on the best evidence with which they were presented and, yet.  This link from a Christian publication points out the worst case scenario came from a British university (revised within a week) and was quickly followed by a much lower projection of devastation from an American medical researcher.  The latter was ignored.  The economy was tanked.

If he wasn’t seeking input on how it would harm your livelihood, then he was derelict.

First, these decisions were made state-by-state and not by the President.  He could encourage and cajole but ultimately the responsibility belongs to men like Brad Little, who took drastic steps to appease media, which kept calling and demanding he “do something”.

Did he err on the side of caution?  Even if he did, he had to know the economic fallout.  If he wasn’t seeking input on how it would harm your livelihood, then he was derelict.  The man also made his initial announcement and blindsided legislators and local county commissioners (many of whom are, or were, political allies).

I told the caller if you’re attempting to build a firebreak and you instead burn down the town, your intention isn’t going to save you from consequences (Dwight and Steve Hammond went to prison for scorching a few acres of brush).

There are consequences for mistakes no matter how high-minded you’re cause.  If it was high-minded.

What are my odds of dying from coronavirus?  What are my odds of dying after losing a job, my home and my car?  What are my odds of dying if I’m foraging for food and shelter in a canyon next winter?

What most state Governors did is best described as an egregious mistake.  Other descriptions aren’t quite as kind.

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