RUPERT, Idaho (KLIX)-A two-year-old black labrador named Newton will be Idaho's first Electronic Detection Canine based in Rupert. Chief of Police James Wardle announced this week that Newton and handler Rupert Police Detective Travis Freeman will celebrate graduation from training Friday and will begin work later this month. Newton is specially trained to sniff out digital storage devices like small SD cards that are often used in human trafficking and sex crimes. The Rupert Police Department was given a grant from Operation Underground Railroad, based in Utah, that works to combat human trafficking and child exploitation. Along with the grant that provided the training, the police department will get a vehicle to transport Newton when he is working. Newton and Detective Freeman will be available across the state to help other agencies investigate criminal cases. Newton is also trained as a service dog to help people traumatized by violent crime cope. Check out the Facebook page about Newton and his training.

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