To me it seemed almost innocuous.  A political talking point fairly common during a debate or forum on immigration.  President Trump referenced “coyotes”.  During last Thursday night’s debate.

The President had been asked about re-uniting families separated at the border.  He explained, and this is factual, many of the children who arrived in recent years weren’t accompanied by blood relatives. 

even some very smart people believed Mr. Trump was speaking about real coyotes

In many cases, they came with smugglers.  Human trafficking is a world-wide issue and our southern border isn’t immune.  Many people used the children and insisted they were related in the hope they may be granted asylum.  In some cases, parents willingly allowed their children to travel north, often with strangers, because it could be an opportunity for their kids to have a better life in the United States.  Again, it’s a hope.

The coyote reference isn’t something the President created out of cloth.  It precedes his ascension to the White House.   This link offers some background.  It also explains even some very smart people believed Mr. Trump was speaking about real coyotes.  O.K., maybe they really aren’t very smart.  Or they so despise the President it clouds their ability to think straight.  As for my favorite coyote, check out the video below.  It’s the voice of the late Johnny Cash having a philosophical discussion with Homer Simpson.  Homer is hallucinating after eating some very strange peppers at a chili cook-off.

This was back in the day, when the TV show was still funny.  I haven’t watched an episode in years but Cash chewing on Homer’s pants is worth a look.