This morning a caller to Top Story shared many Idaho politicians are now on board denouncing Roy Moore.

Moore’s situation is one I compare to climate change arguments

Many of the denunciations are coming from his fellow Republicans.  Moore’s situation is one I compare to climate change arguments.  If it’s too hot, it’s your fault.  If it’s too cold, it’s your fault.  To suggest anything otherwise is to be vilified as a “denier”.

What possibly can Moore, U.S. Senate candidate from Alabama, do to appease his accusers?  There’s no presumption of innocence for the man.  He can admit he was a bad guy 40 years ago.  His other option is to deny the accusations, drop out and prove he’s a good man.  Prove what after 4 decades?  With what evidence?  There are no pictures, texts or emails.  Quite convenient for Moore’s many enemies.

Here’s a thought for those who oppose Moore just because they hate his Christian faith.  If a man in his 30s is attracted to teenagers, then a man will be attracted to teenagers at 40, 50 and 60.  To paraphrase the Lord, “Man, where are your other accusers?”

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