As some of you know I’ve got a cat named Tucker.  I named him after the innovator who pioneered automobile safety in the 1940s.  You may have seen the movie based on his life.  The film is titled after the main character.  There is a scene where he pitches his sales concept by showing slides from accidents.  Decapitations, crushed bodies and blood makes all the legislators in the room ill.  Great idea on the builder’s part, but he didn’t sell his plan with all the gore.

As most of you know, I’m opposed to mass migrations into our communities that lead to culture clashes.  I happen to believe our English speaking culture the bedrock of parliamentary democracy and enlightenment.  It birthed our nation, notions of liberty and a document outlining our God given rights.  These are all in jeopardy in 2016 and mass migrations only tip the scales even more to a system we won’t recognize.  It could be sharia or it could be French style terrorism that followed the French Revolution.  Neither of which do we want.

There are legitimate fears the elites ignore. Courtesy, Bill Colley

I hope I’ve clearly stated my position.

I also don’t believe there was any cover-up involving the alleged sexual attack on a five-year-old girl.  Police investigated.  Then police made arrests.  Now, the Twin Falls County Prosecutor is trying to put the accused away for very long stretches in detention centers.  The boys and their families are being evicted from their homes and it may convince parents they need to take more action with their kids.  Now, they know this isn’t some desert where Bedouins make their own laws.

Additionally, I never saw a media cover-up.  I’m aware all major media outlets in this town were chasing the story, but were getting few details.  You want accuracy, right?  Take a look at this link.  This is what happens when media isn’t accurate.  It’s why rumors aren’t generally published.  The other option for media to get details on the story would be to speak to the parents of the little girl on the receiving end of the savage attack. However, a representative for the family instructed them to remain silent.  What option did it leave news media?  It hunkered down to wait out the story.

I don’t see a cover-up on the part of city council.  It’s possible some members were telling the truth two weeks ago when they claimed it was all news to them.  Yes, there are people in government that much out-of-touch.  The issue with the council was condescension, but we note it wasn’t from a majority of the members.  Last week was a refreshing change.

Critics suggest council went underground during a crisis. Courtesy, Bill Colley

A fellow I work with explains he’s covered many similar stories in our community.  These have mostly involved Caucasian attackers and the public outrage has been quite limited when compared to what we’re now seeing.  Yes, newcomers can bring good things to Idaho but mostly as we’ve been warning they only create more burdens.  The little girl wouldn’t have been abused if the migrants hadn’t come to her neighborhood.  Still, there are abused children in all of our towns and they need our understanding and, yes, even possibly our rage at the crimes.

Speaking of errors in stories; the rumor mill echoing around the Internet I’m told got parts of the story right. Yet, somehow the current rage chorus doesn’t demand its favorite websites meet the standards it expects from radio, TV and printed news.  Doesn’t anyone find that ironic?

I don’t know the U.S. Attorney in Boise now making threats against rumor mongers.  I’d guess she has a good conviction rate but the level of disinformation still floating around the Internet despite details being released by the prosecution is allowing her to live out her Robespierre fantasies.  I’m not sure who to blame for the worst excesses.  The folks who spun the rumors or the people in government who believe their life’s work is to crush all opposition?

I do know one thing, and it’s clear we wouldn’t be wrestling in the mud if we didn’t live in communities being overrun by migrants, refugees and illegal aliens.  The elites refuse to consider their work is harming anyone else because it feels so good to pat your own back.  If they weren’t self-loathing and loathing of their old neighbors, the old status quo would still be in place.  What was so awful about the way things used to be?

Now, let me get back to Tucker and “messaging”.  My side isn’t always polite.  I’ve mentioned it before; the Confederate flag doesn’t bother me but for some people they see the cross on the flag and they don’t see a very pleasant “the way things used to be”.  We’ve got people who’d like to remove local politicians from office and/or jail them because they don’t support our cause.  How would you feel if a guy walked into your home and punched you in the face before asking for a donation?  Or, closer to home how would you feel if while doing your job and pulling bad guys off the streets you were accused of being an enemy agent and playing for the other team.

I’m telling you, there are people who support you in this community but they won’t get on your bandwagon as long as you keep dragging them under the wheels.  And, I’ve reached a point in good conscience where I can’t support the rumor gang.  Ends don’t always justify the means.  You’re embarrassing good people with good intentions and you’ve damaged the effort.