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If I wanted to persuade you, would I have success if I started by punching you in the face?  There are few things more important to people of faith than their religion.  You know, how they relate to the Almighty.

Twenty-five years ago I read a story in the Atlantic that said there were one million Christian denominations and growing.  How could that be possible?  The writer was counting independent churches.  Even if there were only 1,000, we would have evidence that there’s very little agreement on the truth.  I’ve grown to distrust people who claim to have cornered the market.

Over the weekend, I saw a post on Facebook and it left me doing a slow burn.  One of my connections is recruiting people to travel to Helena, Montana next month.  She plans to demonstrate outside the new Mormon Temple.

What the heck is wrong with you people?  So much for treating others like you would want to be treated.  How about the week after you berate people you don’t know, we come and disrupt services at your church?  Because after all, there’s no consensus on the truth, which means there are people who need to straighten you out and save you from damnation.

What’s your ultimate solution?  Theocracy?  Do we force people at sword point to convert?

Maybe a lot of churches wouldn’t be empty today if people weren’t total jackasses.

Here’s a thought or two.  Live by example.  Be a beacon of light.  When you look at it honestly, you’re selling a product.  Focus on the benefits of what you have.

A couple of weeks ago we had a local celebration for the National Day of Prayer.  One of my guests before the event said all that was required for the event was an acknowledgment that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior.  The day is set by presidential proclamation.  First set in July by President Truman and later amended to May by President Reagan.  I’m not aware they excluded Jews and Muslims.  Or any other faith or denomination that engages in prayer.  But then I don’t engage in torching houses of worship.

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