I guess if you live in Owyhee County you’re going to die.  Aren’t we all but in Owyhee County you’ll buy the farm before everyone else. 

Owyhee County you’ll buy the farm before everyone else

According to countyhealthyrankings.org, Owyhee County is the unhealthiest place in Idaho.  Maybe.  Two counties, including Camas, weren’t rated, leaving Owyhee last of 42 of 44 in the survey.

Twin Falls County is in the middle of the pack at 21st and Ada County is considered healthiest.

Across the region there are some sad results.  Jerome places 29th and Minidoka is 31st least healthy.  Cassia is 33rd, Shoshone comes in at 38th and at 40th is Gooding County.

The numbers do show a correlation to wealth, population and economic growth.  Urban counties or those closest to urban centers are likely going to have overall better access to healthcare.

The most recent data studied is from two years ago.  One of the factors buried in the report is driving alone to work.  Apparently it’s not healthy.  Four out of five Idahoans driving to work are driving alone.

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