This isn’t an endorsement but there will be violence.  It’s a prediction and when it happens, some will believe there are new folk heroes in southern Idaho. I’ve been getting plenty of feedback on the proposed wind farms that could dot our land.  I’m writing this as I’m awaiting another update about the Lava Ridge site from the Bureau of Land Management.  We’re just entering a 60-day public comment period.  Yes, a handful of people in our valley may support the idea, but I’m telling you, it’s a tiny number.

This isn’t trailing party lines.  Opposition is wide and deep across the political spectrum.  I know this because I get paid to take feedback.  I know this because I also talk frequently with county commissioners across the region.  They tell me the opposition is epic.  I know this because I’ve witnessed two friends who live across a political chasm join forces on this issue.

If the day comes when construction gets the green light and then begins, we’re going to see sabotage.  People are going to be fouling equipment and if that doesn’t stop the work, they’ll be taking rifle shots at the giant pinwheels when completed.

But here’s another prediction.  The turbines will never get approval.  I’ve been reading about organized opposition to large wind and solar projects across the country.  Rotterdam, New York isn’t a bastion of political conservatism and, yet.  Public opposition won the day.  Click here and read more.

There are dozens of stories like this from Michigan, Wisconsin, Maine and Nebraska.  We’re seeing a great public awakening.

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