I’m not writing this to impugn the pilot who died in the tragic plane crash in Heyburn.  It happened last week when a 30-year-old crashed into the roof of Gem State Processing.  She was on a mail run from Stanley, however.  The crash is eerily similar to one that took place late yesterday in Georgia and also at a food processing plant.  In fact, there have been numerous accidents and fires at processing plants across the country in recent weeks.

I’ll weigh in with coincidences but some people see a conspiracy.  It was a topic on Fox News Channel.  Tucker Carlson, a guest from a Seattle talk radio station, sat down and compared notes.  Click here to view the segment.  The crash in Idaho is specifically mentioned.

It was also a topic this week on Dan Bongino’s radio show, which you hear weekdays on Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX.

The pilot, who lost her life in Heyburn, was praised as an upstanding citizen by people who knew the woman.  I wouldn’t disagree.  But pilots face a lot of challenges taking off and landing.  They’ve had lasers pointed in their eyes and a caller to my program suggested a false beacon could wreak havoc with a landing attempt.

If we have more and similar accidents in the coming weeks, I would suggest a wider investigation.

Some terrorists are clever people.  While attacks on processing plants seem absurd and the stuff of fiction, there was a time when we didn’t believe people would fly jets into towers.  An act that had been foreshadowed in a Tom Clancy novel.

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