It is so easy to get tunnel vision when you're driving in some of the rural areas of the Magic Valley. This video shows why it is vital that you stop at absolutely every single stop sign, no matter how remote the area is.

According to the description on this YouTube video, this was captured somewhere in the middle of Ohio. As you'll notice on the map, this is basically in the middle of nowhere.

Google Maps
Google Maps

As you watch the video, there are two things to take note of. First of all, from the truck driver's perspective, you can see how hard it can be to see those small rural roads from the highway. Second, there's no way to know if the driver of the black car saw the stop sign or not. But, they made no efforts to stop and just flew through the intersection.

This encounter had a happy ending. But, if the car had crossed the highway a split second later, there are likely fatalities involved.

This is why we emphasize the message of drive means drive. In a situation like this, you only have to be wrong once before lives are changed (or maybe ended).

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