Boise has been used in movies before.  There was, "Bronco Billy" starring Clint Eastwood in 1980.  No one wants to bring up, "Ghost Dad" with Bill Cosby, but that was filmed here in 1990.  In 2013, you may have been an extra in the raunchy teen comedy, “The To Do List” starring Aubrey Plaza, but it’s not exactly the movie you want to watch with your mom!  This year, another movie has been filmed here, although this one is a much more independent film than those others.  Will von Tagen shot his latest feature film, a thriller called, “Heritage” in both Germany and Boise.  The film is set in Germany, but because the German landscape is so like that of the Treasure Valley, he and his crew shot several scenes here.   

There was a Berlin bar scene that was shot at 10th Street Station downtown.  They had to get creative when they needed to re-shoot a mountain scene that was originally shot in Germany but didn’t have the budget to send the entire crew back there.  Instead they filmed at Bogus Basin and you’d never know the difference in the final cut.  He even filmed scenes in his parent's basement. The connections to Boise don’t end with the director and some filming locations either, as two of the actors and several members of the crew are also Boise residents. 

"Heritage” is the second feature film that Will von Tagen has shot in Boise.  His last film, “Almosting It” was filmed here in 2014.  He says that Boise is becoming a great place for filmmakers because of our supportive art community. 

According to IMDB, “Heritage” is about a former CIA agent’s search for a lost colleague in the mountains of East Germany.  The film will be available on iTunes on New Year’s Eve.  See the trailer below. 

Information from KIVI-TV was used in this article.  

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