I’m not foolish enough to believe anybody reading this can keep up with the modern deluge of media.  I’m immersed in news because I’m a paid critic and even I can’t follow the entire flow of information in the electronic age, still.  There are days when I come across a story and like finding a needle in a haystack believe it’s almost providential.  This story out of Australia is an example.  The Chinese government’s thirst for organ transplants isn’t a secret.  Wheezing old members of the Politburu are looking for immortality.  The old atheists have no hope for an afterlife.  What’s the old phrase about a Chinaman’s chance?  A supply of organs are available in a state where there are a great many political prisoners.  The horrors of this story reflect on the nature of a brutal regime looking for world hegemony.  Prisoners are being strapped down and hacked open without the benefit of anesthesia and then tossed into incinerators while still gasping for life.

Chairman Mao in stone, Courtesy, Commons.Wikimedia
Chairman Mao in stone, Courtesy, Commons.Wikimedia

The story suggests most of the condemned belong to a quasi-religion called Falun Gong and aren’t condemned to death for crimes we would recognize in the west as even being a crime.  These people are being tortured and cut to pieces and turned to ashes for failure to worship the government.  Do you suppose people of any other faiths are being sliced open for kidneys, livers and hearts?  It’s a rhetorical question.  Christianity also threatens the corrupt and evil Chinese regime.  Martyrdom is again becoming common among Christians.

In ancient times followers of the Nazarene were martyred and simply had no means of defense.  Then the faith swept Europe and Christians flexed some muscle as the link here details.  The headline suggests a true history of the Crusades would open the eyes of our Grand Mufti-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama.  The same man who slept through twenty years of Jeremiah Wright is counseling Christians on how they should behave.  In other words, give him, his political philosophy and his government fealty.  How does he differ from the butchers in China but for a few degrees cooler on the thermometer of despotism?  And is the incinerator being stoked for a rise in heat in America?  The video contained in this link is a little long but it gives a good overview of how a leftist government and incrementalism work.  It also doesn’t help traditional causes and the faith of our forefathers face media which is on board with the gradual revolution.  When you’re told Americans now favor a great many cultural changes they opposed just ten years ago credit the public relations machines in news media, Hollywood and campuses.  Lefty would have us ruled by polling data and shelve the Constitution established to protect us from tyrannies of majorities.

A couple of more related links, is America a Christian country?  Check this from Patheos.  The answer is yes if Christianity proved the bedrock of our culture.  If you were trying to smash a culture you viewed as backward and riddled with superstition you would start digging and mining the foundation.  It’s why Bible believing Christians are under such intense assault and labeled as bigots, racists and extremists.  In the America where I grew up the people who went to church and were charitable and tried to lead clean lives were greatly respected.  Fifty years on and with entertainments filled with stories about lascivious and hypocritical Christians the seeds have grown into mighty trees.  The leaves of which are casting a shadow over the land.

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