Apparently, the God of The Shack isn’t very biblical.

Hollywood can’t usually seem to get religious faith right

A friend told me late last week she was looking forward to seeing the film version of the story.  Her brother was the victim of gun crime many years ago and I think the narrative speaks to her family tragedy.  A reviewer I watched over the weekend gave the movie a 3.5 on a scale of 5 and explained the rating should be considered just a recommendation.

Many Christian leaders and churches believe the book and now the picture aren’t very faithful.  Look, I’m not arguing with them on the merits of their point.  Hollywood can’t usually seem to get religious faith right.  Recent movies about the Flood and the Exodus made Noah and Moses look delusional.  The entertainment elites then can’t understand why Christians don’t come through the turnstiles.

When I was a teenager, the first of a series of films starring George Burns as God was released.  Many churches were critical because there was so little scripture.  I think what some pastors are missing is the large number of non-church believers who still fill the theaters for these pleasant films about a firm but loving God.  They crave a relationship and while it may not be based on chapter and verse the door is open for evangelicals to expand on the interest.

Which gets me to The Shack.  God is portrayed mainly as a woman.  Some object to the characterization.  I’m not sure why.  God can and could reveal Himself as anything He chooses.  Use the movie as a bridge and a teachable moment.

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