We all want to look our best - especially if we are in the dating scene - but isn't it a little deceptive if you wear a lot of makeup and it changes how you really look?

I recently read a story (the story turned out to be fake but the point is still valid) about a guy who got married and the next morning was the first time he saw his wife in her natural/non-makeup state. He was so surprised that she looked so different.

I know that happens a lot! I've seen those Facebook pictures that look amazing and then in other pictures you see the person less prepared and they are almost unrecognizable.

I'm not saying that makeup is bad. I'd even argue that there are a few men who could benefit from a little cover up, but is it fair to get all glammed up and that isn't you at all? I'm not talking plastic surgery or other permanent changes - just the changes that you'd notice if you woke up next to a different face than you saw at night! Or does it even matter?

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