MERIDIAN, Idaho (News release) – The Idaho State Police today turned over the results of its investigation into the officer-involved shooting that took place on Nov. 1, 2015, in Adams County.

The incident occurred after Adams County Sheriff's deputies responded to a vehicle crash on US 95 involving a bull owned by Council resident Jack Yantis. During the incident Mr. Yantis was fatally shot. The Idaho State Police were immediately requested to investigate the incident and detectives began the investigation on scene that Sunday night.

Over the course of the past four months, ISP detectives have interviewed more than 40 people, comprehensively examined all evidence collected and reviewed forensic reports from various forensic laboratories.

"I commend our detectives for their dedication in completing a thorough investigation of this incident in light of the unique circumstances presented," said Capt. Bill Gardiner. "We appreciate the patience displayed by the individuals involved, as well as the public during the investigation."

Detectives this afternoon met with members of the Idaho Attorney General's Office, who are acting as the special prosecutors in this case, to review the evidence and turn the case results over to their office.

ISP detectives have communicated with the AG's Office and kept prosecutors informed with the progress and status of the investigation in an effort to bring it to conclusion as quickly as possible. ISP will work with the AG's Office during its review of the case.