As Maui goes up in smoke, Hawaii’s leftist Governor blames it on man-made global warming.  Or as the liberals have re-branded it, climate change.   He’s being called out for failing to issue evacuation notices in a timely fashion.  Some of the Hegelian Dialectic going on here.  Amplify the problem and then provide the intended solution.  Which is a repeat of the 2020 COVID lockdowns.

The totalitarians have been salivating ever since, claiming if were told to stay home and we don’t drive, we can reverse the warming of the planet (which may be caused by a volcanic eruption from last year that spewed water vapor into the atmosphere).  Oh, and we could extend this through Election Day of 2024 and resume ballot harvesting.

Both MSDNC and CNN are floating the notion of a “climate emergency”.  All the usual suspects.  But will the public accept a repeat?  Servile Democrats will buy in, however.  Conservatives realize they got burned in 2020.  They may rebel.  Then the government can move in and Ashli Babbitt them in droves.  Or that would be what the Secretary of Homeland Security dreams of.

But I don’t see the Mountain West r much of flyover country going quietly.

It’s my job to keep my ears close to the ground when it comes to public opinion.  Government isn’t trusted and the nation’s three and four-letter agencies are despised.

2024 could be a watershed year for American politics.  We can restore a constitutional republic and rid ourselves of the nannies.  Or we can raise the white flag and take ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren into bondage.  Attempted lockdown or not, get out and vote next year in droves as if it’s your last chance to govern yourself.

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