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I would address this to Idaho’s dope fiends but in the haze, they need someone to probably read it for them.  Pot is bad for you.  Really, really bad for you.  Before you scream Refer Madness, I found the latest news on the website of the Clinton News Network (I didn’t inhale), sometimes known as CNN.  I believe it was Tommy Chong who said it wasn’t a gateway drug but instead a doorway drug.  Because smokers walk through a door and have no clue where they are.

Here is a link from CNN.  Marijuana is getting more and more potent and, yes, people are getting addicted.  I’ve written before about how there are growing cases of psychosis.

It Makes You Stupid

Tell me again why you believe Idaho needs to sanction its use.

Actually, I’ve personally thought public calls for legalization have subsided in the last couple of years.  I’ll offer a theory.  Because nobody in the state cares one way or another if you’re smoking.  As long as you don’t get in their way.

If you’re driving home from Ontario or Jackpot and you get pulled over for speeding and you’ve got a few boxes of gummies, you’ll get into some trouble.  If you keep it under the speed limit, you’ll be eating the gummies in your den within an hour.  Law enforcement simply doesn’t have the resources to get around your neighborhood sniffing for the sweet odor of weed.

We Need More Societal Dead Weight

You’re also warping your mind and your future and you’re a dumb ass.  Otherwise, you’ve got all the benefits of legalization and addiction.

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