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Picture it: you just jumped in your new-to-you, pre-owned car. You're headed north on 55 on your way to Cascade for a weekend on the lake with friends. Life is good. That's when the Check Engine light flicks on and the car starts to smoke. Then it hits you: this car's a lemon. Now what?

Photo Credit: Canva
Photo Credit: Canva

The Gem State Lemon Law (48-901) was designed with Idahoans' best interests in mind. And no one does a better job of explaining it than the Boise Attorney Group.

Idaho Lemon Law was created to shield automobile owners from struggles related to the poor performance of their cars, motorcycles, pickup trucks, or recreational vehicles. It applies to cars that are subject to the manufacturer's warranty. This law covers the car’s defects that are not caused by abuse, neglect, or unauthorized modifications.

-Boise Attorney Group

Does the Lemon Law Cover New & Pre-Owned Cars?

Contrary to what we thought, Idaho Lemon Law generally applies to new vehicles. It can, however, apply to pre-owned vehicles that are purchased within 24 months or 24,000 miles from the start date of their warranty. In Idaho, the law only applies to vehicles that meet all of the following requirements:

  • the vehicle is primarily used for private or personal business reasons;
  • it was purchased in Idaho;
  • it weighs less than 12,000 lbs.;
  • and it has a manufacturer's warranty.

Deal or No Deal

Getting a manufacturer to admit they sold you a lemon can be tough. But whether they freely admit to it or not is irrelevant in the eyes of Idaho law. Once it's determined the manufacturer is at-fault, they are obligated to foot the bill on repairs.

For more information on how to navigate Idaho's Lemon Law, click here!

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