I’m not saying this is something I want to do since I’m not a fan of heights, but I know a lot of people would love it.

I know this because when it was announced that they were installing a zipline across the Snake River Canyon between Twin Falls and Jerome, it nearly broke the internet. Then the world was filled with sadness when we found that the zipline (Zip the Snake) would not run across the canyon but only in a few sections along the Twin Falls side at Centennial Park.

There is Only 1 Reason Niagara Falls is Better Than Shoshone Falls in Idaho

Well, don’t break the internet again, since this is a similar situation at Niagara Falls with one thing that makes it better. Niagara Falls has their version of Zip the Snake called Zipline to the Falls. That’s what makes it better than the Twin Falls version - you’re actually near the waterfall.

Otherwise, it’s the same idea. You’re led to believe you’ll be soaring over the waterfall and then find out you are over land the whole time. Even one of our own sister stations in Louisiana wrote a story back in 2018 with the title ‘You Can Now Zipline ACROSS Niagara Falls’. That error and deception are pointed out in this YouTube video about the possible scam of a tourist attraction at Niagara Falls. You see the webpage 20 seconds in:

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That being said, both zipline options do look pretty fun.

Niagara Falls vs The Niagara of the West, the Shoshone Falls

I still believe, and I’m sure the rest of you do too, that a zipline across the canyon would be the BEST. I don’t think it even matters where. It could be at Centennial…or above it really, somewhere along the canyon in Hagerman, or ideally at a point where you can see the Shoshone Falls and feel the mist.

That would make it better than the Niagara Falls zipline. The Shoshone Falls are taller than Niagara by about 45 feet and nearly 1,000 feet wide if the water is fully flowing.

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