The fair is coming! The Twin Falls County Fair is less than a week from kicking off at the fairgrounds in Filer, and despite all the rides, live entertainment, animals, and the rodeo, the best thing about going might just be watching your fellow Idahoans in various states of mind.

I'm a huge fair fan. My work duties have required me to attend various county fairs for the past 25 years consecutively, but I also went just about every year as a kid too. The carnival area has always held a special place in my heart. Even though most of the games are virtually impossible to win at, it's still so much damn fun attempting.

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One western United States journalist once claimed the Montana State Fair is the best in the country for people watching. Whether it's clocking that parent completely losing control over a kid, watching the guy leave the beer garden after five hours of pounding brews, that carnival worker with the great mustache spinning his game spiel, or the women in tight jeans, there's something for all to see when the carnival arrives in town.

Speaking of the fair, I've included in this story a clip from the film Joe Dirt, which should be enough to get just about anyone fired up to ride rides, drain basketballs, and T-bone unsuspecting bumper car drivers. The Twin Falls County Fair runs from August 31 to September 5. For all the information, click here.

Have a great time at the 2022 Twin Falls County Fair in Filer!

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