Christmas Eve is this Saturday. Santa Clause will again be visiting millions of homes in Idaho and sampling baked goods left by kids and parents, but some Gem Staters will take a page from the Irish and set Santa up with a particular cold, frothy beverage.

Cookies are the most common treat set out on Christmas Eve for ol' Kris Kringle. I'm not sure chocolate chip is the most popular type, but that's what we bake up every year for Saint Nick. People throughout the world have their own traditions and the Irish make Christmas Eve quite the party for the jolly, big guy.

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While I've never left beer for Santa Clause in my entire life, it is a fairly common occurrence. I have been told by a couple of Magic Valley residents that they've set aside an icy-cold pint of brew for the gift giver we all love. Technically, since the deer are controlling the sleigh, maybe Santa could manage just fine with a beer or two. Now, if he partakes in every home that lines him up with one, then we'd have a huge problem in the sky on Christmas Eve.

I just saw the new movie Violent Night starring David Harbour from Stranger Things. He plays an unhappy, beer-guzzling Santa Clause who ends up in quite a pickle when he visits a home that is being robbed by a group of well-armed thugs. I sat through it because I'm a big fan of the actor, but the movie was a bit of a letdown.

Have you ever left a beer for Santa Clause?

(WARNING: Trailer might not be appropriate for young kids)

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