The fourth attempt at passing a bond in Jerome County to build a new jail will be aimed at a smaller facility this time. Jerome County Commissioners say they have pared down the proposed facility to replace the current aging county jail from 165 beds to 120.  This should offer a substantial savings to the county over previous attempts.  A rough estimate for a 120 bed facility is between 8 and 11 million dollars, down from the $13-million dollar price tag the county had previously sought.  Commissioners also have a plan to present Jerome County voters with a close estimate of the completed facility so voters can make an informed decision.  Jerome County Commissioners say they feel they are within the schedule to have a vote ready to go by November.  They say the smaller size of the proposed facility was in response to feedback from county residents.  Rather than helping to pay for a larger facility by renting jail space to out of county, state and state prisoners, the proposed new jail would be paid for and maintained by Jerome County through the regular budget process..