The shells are flying again in the culture wars.  As a right-of-center American, I’ve been told I’m out-of-step, out-of-touch and a bigot because I won’t respect the cultural changes being foisted upon the country at warp speed.  After the Supreme Court proclaimed there was a right to same-sex marriage, I wasn’t surprised (the founders didn’t give it much thought).  What did surprise me was how quickly liberals declared victory and spoke of a settled issue.  The institution known as the Supreme Court of the United States has in the past ruled “separate but equal” passed constitutional muster.  The Court changes with the times.  This was the subject of discussion on my program this week.

If you’re born a man, is it settled science?  The left claims infanticide is settled law and global warming is settled science because consensus among leftist academics makes it settled.  DNA and chromosomes should settle the issue when it comes to gender identity.  Suddenly, having a penis isn’t irrefutable evidence of your manhood.  Now, we’re engaged culturally in a great battle about Jimmy being Jenny and squatting to pee.  My thoughts and some other learned opinions follow in the video below:

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