The school year has ended in the Magic Valley and most kids are focused on summer and how they want to spend it at camp, being lazy, playing video games, and hanging out with their friends, but schools in Twin Falls remain a heavy topic in the news. From the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas to the transgender discussion in Kimberly, schools have had much to talk about heading into the summer. Recently a story about Twin Falls schools started making the rounds on Facebook, and parents are curious as to what is true and what isn't.

Are Twin Falls Schools Making Bathrooms Gender Neutral?

Credit: Sara D. Davis
Credit: Sara D. Davis

Somewhere between a week or two ago a rumor started circulating on Facebook that Twin Falls schools were going to be changing their restrooms over the summer. The rumor stated that all restrooms would become gender-neutral, but there would be individual bathrooms in the school for those that were not comfortable using a gender-neutral bathroom. In the same rumor, it was stated that parents had not been notified and that the school had made this decision without consulting the parents. It left many parents of students upset and left many scratching their heads. If you scroll through some of the local rants and raves you will see that it created an uproar online. The school board has responded to these rumors and has clarified its stance.

Twin Falls Schools Are Not Changing the Bathrooms

Credit: No Revisions on Unsplash
Credit: No Revisions on Unsplash

I recently reached out to the school board to discuss this topic, and the first thing they let me know is that the rumor is just that, a rumor. There is no truth to it and they are unaware of where it began. They released the following statement regarding the bathroom situation in Twin Falls' schools:

The TFSD board of Trustees has not approved any construction projects that would create shared use or co-ed bathrooms. No construction of this kind is scheduled to take place. Additionally, the TFSD is not exploring ways to remove gender bathrooms. Rather, the district is exploring ways to provide more single-use restrooms to provide privacy for all students in their restroom use. No definitive plans have been made.

As you can read in the statement above, there are currently no plans to forgo gender bathrooms and replace them. The school board is always discussing ways to help better equality and support all students, but replacing bathrooms is not on the table at this time.

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It may be a discussion down the road, but during this summer Twin Falls schools will not be changing bathrooms. For all those upset parents, you can breathe easier knowing that no decision was made without your knowledge and things are staying the same. The school board will continue to see how they can better things for the following school year, and maybe down the line, this comes to be. Whoever started the rumor misheard something or misunderstood. We have all been fooled by rants and rave posts, but that is why going to the source directly when in question, is always best. Thank you to the school board for answering my questions and letting the truth come out. 

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