While you’re celebrating with food and fireworks this 4th of July, your dog might be freaking out. The Humane Society has come out with a few tips for keeping your pet safe and happy on the 4th of July.

The Humane Society reports that one of their busiest times of the year are July 4 and the few days after. Pets become frightened with the loud noises of the holiday and many flee their surroundings, becoming lost in the process. How do you make sure your pet doesn’t become a statistic? The HSUS Web site makes these suggestions:

Keep your pets indoors: This isn’t only suggested for the actual holiday, but also leading up to it. People purchase fireworks prior to the big night and may be setting them off in your area beforehand, giving Fido a good scare.

Never leave a pet in a parked car: It may be tempting to take your furry friend along for the ride, but leaving him behind while you watch the celebration or socialize is not only a way to stress him out, it can be dangerous. Temperatures rise in vehicles quickly, leading to serious consequences.

Consult your veterinarian: If you notice that Fido seems especially stressed out, your veterinarian may be able to prescribe medications to help alleviate that stress.

Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with ID tags: If your pet does get out, you can ensure she gets home safely if she’s properly identified. The HSUS notes that some pets “can become so frightened during fireworks displays that they take desperate measures to escape the noise, such as breaking through window or door screens.

An additional tip for helping your pet is to leave a television or radio on at a lower volume to give them something else to listen to. The noise will help to drown out some of the popping and crackling that you’re enjoying outside.

If you’re still wondering what you’re going to do to celebrate this 4th, check out fun events happening right here in our area! Have fun and celebrate, but don’t forget about your four-legged friends!