I’m a serial poster when it comes to social media.  My Facebook and Twitter feeds are running daily news commentaries.

Because he’s a Republican mainstream media pounced

The posts come from a variety of views and I look for a reaction and gauge public interest.  Amazingly, people believe everything you post is an endorsement of the viewpoint.  A few weeks ago, I complimented a writer on his skill and was accused of harboring liberal sympathies.  Good writing exists across the political spectrum.  Unless I specifically write, I endorse the column or essay I’m sharing then you can only assume I post for informational purposes.

Last week, I posted an opinion piece from American Thinker.  It’s not some loony right-wing site.  I found the piece linked at RealClearPolitics, which is a news aggregation site.  Shortly after I posted, the questions about a possible conspiracy in Charlottesville, Virginia, I noticed State Representative Bryan Zollinger did the same.  Because he’s a Republican, mainstream media pounced.  The usual liberal conniption has followed.  The fellow travelers at most newspapers ignore the RealClearPolitics context because, well, they don’t like Republicans.

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