Coach Pete Coulson is a member of what has been called the Critical Race Theory Task Force.  It was created by Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.  It’s wrapping up its work this week and passing along the task force’s report to the Idaho State Legislature.  Coulson joined the effort after a resignation on the board.  He sits front row center and hears all testimony.

The final session is open to all members of the public on Thursday afternoon at the Capitol in Boise.  Including liberals who objected to the investigation.  They denied and many still deny critical race theory is being taught in Idaho schools and colleges.  Last week the Lt. Governor told Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX the denials were flimsy.  The educators simply changed the name from CRT to something else.  It’s like calling pink green but everyone still can see pink.

News media reports say many of the objectors are refusing an opportunity to testify.  In other words, they’ve lost their monopoly over public opinion.

Governor Brad Little has remained silent.  You wouldn’t want to offend the union representing teachers.  In a close primary the union’s campaign cash could tilt the outcome.  Little may also be looking at public opinion.  Media and the elites have apparently been surprised the public didn’t buy the CRT denials.

In much more liberal Virginia, it has even forced a Democrat running for Governor to scrub his website of support for “equity” and critical race theory.

Coach Pete joined us on-air Wednesday morning and offered a brief preview for the final meeting of the task force.  You can hear his comments by clicking on the YouTube video below.

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