SHOSHONE, Idaho (KLIX) The Lincoln County Sheriff's office says they will begin leasing patrol vehicles to replace its aging fleet. The Lincoln County Sheriff Rene Rodriguez posted to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Facebook page a mock up Ram 2500 pickup with specific graphics on the side. The sheriff told News Radio 1310 that the office will lease six gas powered pickup trucks for the price of what one would cost to purchase new. The lease will cost just under $40,000 for a total of seven vehicles a year; a van will also join the fleet to transport prisoners to area jails. The county was able to place a state bid for the pickups and will lease them from Young Automotive Group in Burley. The new vehicles will have warranties which will help reduce maintenance costs and decrease liability. None of the pickups will be more than three years old or have more than 90,000 miles on them at the end of their time with the office. Sheriff Rodriguez said they decided to go with the Ram 2500 after talking with the Bureau of Land Management which uses the same vehicle and are pleased with their performance. Around 73% of Lincoln County is BLM, public land, that requires off-road vehicles. Sheriff Rodriguez says the current fleet of trucks were not holding up and the maintenance cost had gone up. The sheriff noted the pickups will not have diesel engines like the one seen in the mock photo. The office has already received two trucks that are being outfitted for patrol duty. The old fleet will be auctioned off at a public sale in Boise.

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