UPDATE: According to Spokesperson Eva Craner, Twin Falls Police received a call this morning of a possible active shooter at Canyon Ridge High School. After the building was placed on lockdown and other students evacuated police found no evidence of a shooting and no injuries were reported. Twin Falls Police Chief Craig Kingsbury said the call came into the non-emergency line with someone claiming shots had been fired inside the school, "This type of cal is the type of call that we dread as peace officers."

Classes at Canyon Ridge Canceled for the Day

Craner said classes for Canyon Ridge have been canceled for the remainder of the day. Parents will be notified directly by the Twin Falls School District with more information. Those students that did evacuate regrouped at the Nazarene Church down the street from the school. Students who remained at the school will be let out at 12:05 p.m. and can be pickup by parents. Those students who cannot be picked up or don't have transportation can remain at Canyon Ridge until a parent can collect them. Parents can stop by the school or call. However, phone lines are limited and it may take a while, according to the School District.

Other Schools May have Gotten Similar Calls, FBI Investigating

According to Twin Falls City Spokesperson Josh Palmer, law enforcement conducted two sweeps of the building to make sure nothing had happened. He said the FBI is investigating because several other schools in separate states got similar hoax calls, referred to as "swatting" calls, from a similar number. Cheif Kingsbury said about 75 law enforcement personnel were at the school within minutes of the call, "this type of call angers me immensely, because somebody put this out and scared so many of us in our community and caused unrest in many communities throughout our nation." Air St. Luke's helicopter did land at the school but has since taken off. Other emergency vehicles will leave the school throughout the day, according to Palmer. Law enforcement will remain to assist parents in reconnecting with their children.

College of Southern Idaho and Other Schools Take Precautions

The College of Southern Idaho canceled classes until 1 p.m. and recommended that students there shelter in place until notified it the situation was safe. Craner said Twin Falls High School also took precautionary measures until the all-clear was given.

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Canyon Ridge High School in Twin Falls is on lockdown at this time. District Spokesperson Eva Craner says there are few details at this time other than the school has been placed in lockdown preventing people from going in or out of the building. Twin Falls Police are at the school. This is a developing story, we'll have more information as it becomes available.

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