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Doctors don’t have badges.  Three years have flown by since Idaho’s chief jailer, Governor Brad Little upended lives across the state with draconian COVID restrictions.  A caller to my radio program told me the Governor was following the medical advice.  Which was for a short period to keep space available in hospitals.

Getting back to the badges.  I often hear friends tell me they’re under “doctor’s orders”.  Really, under what authority does your primary care physician operate?  He can make recommendations and he can try and intimidate you, but he can’t sentence you to confinement.  Three years ago, he used the Governor as a proxy.

Republican Party sycophants will tell me the Governor later took his foot off the brake and that behind the scenes regretted his decision.  Then why, after 36 months, have we no mea culpa from Brad Little?

I told my audience we have had similar approaches by the government in the past, but just because a decision was made in 1919 doesn’t make it right.  You may not be happy with my choices, but in this country, we live by God-given rights enumerated in the Constitution.  These are absolute.  Violating the natural order is repugnant before our Lord.

One local politician told me during the so-called plague that wearing a mask and keeping distance was an important part of being a teammate, a good American, and considerate of our neighbors.  Yet, none of those things are required by statute.  We don’t legislate politeness.

I open doors for women and the elderly.  I don’t play loud music at 2:00 a.m. and try and be a considerate driver.  I’m not really responsible for much else.

Meanwhile, the COVID regime ruined businesses, lives, and childhood development and learning.  It made people fear their neighbors.  It allowed the government to test-run the Great Reset.  I’m still not in a buying mood.

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