(KLIX)- The Magic Valley is being called "America’s Most Diverse Food Basket". The Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization highlighted that diversity at its 11th annual summit on Thursday. In just the 6 county region the Magic Valley produces a vast variety of food products that you couldn’t count on two hands. Everything from grains, fish, frogs, cows, and corn. SIEDO Executive Director Jan Rodgers says all you would have to do is walk through a grocery store to see the variety. The states total agriculture output is $19 Billion, and $14 billion of that comes from the 6 county region. Laura Johnson with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture says that says a lot for Idaho and for the Magic Valley. A lot of the agriculture products grown here don’t stay here. Much of it is exported out of state says Johnson. According to SIEDO agribusiness is the second largest industry in the state contributing more than 18%of Idaho’s total economic output.