With increasing heat and heavy winds predicted over the course of the next several days for southern and eastern Idaho, a warning has been issued as concerns for a potential fire are heightened. 

Heavy winds are expected to continue late into Friday evening for southeastern Idaho, which has prompted a Red Flag Warning for the region, according to information shared by idahonews.com. The combination of the winds and warmer weather would only provide more fuel should a fire ignite.

The forecast for the Magic Valley for the next week is predicted to get much warmer, with temperatures expected to climb well into the nineties by Wednesday. Wind speeds could increase to close to 50 mph in some areas overnight.

The warning for southeastern Idaho will stay in place until 9 P.M. Friday evening, according to idahonews.com. The hottest week of the year typically for the Magic Valley is the final one of July. If you see anything that appears out of the ordinary, or suspect a fire has started, please contact your local fire department immediately.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has an interactive map they update every two hours, as well as additional information on road, campground and other emergency closures. To read up on Idaho fire restrictions, click here.

In the case you witness a fire in Twin Falls County, you can call 208-735-7231.

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