DIETRICH, Idaho (KLIX) Emergency and hazmat crews responded to an area near Dietrich after a man was found dead with an unknown canister of gas in a home. According to Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Lori Stewart, the gas was later found out to be a canister of nitrogen, and that the incident is considered isolated and not a threat to the community. However, the Dietrich city mayor has encouraged residents not to drink the water until state tests results come back. The city was working on getting potable water to the Dietrich Fire Station in the meantime. Earlier the Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies and the Shoshone Police Department responded to the call of a diseased man at around 10:15 a.m. After discovering the unknown gas eight people, including five responders, were taken to area hospital for possible hazmat exposure. One of the hospitals, North Canyon Medical Center, was placed on lock-down according to their procedures and was not taking in any patients. The Boise Fire Special Operations Hazmat Team were called to identify and decontaminate the scene.

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