Did you know that iconic film star Marilyn Monroe once modeled a dress made from a potato sack promoting the city of Twin Falls? What's even more astonishing is the fact that she still looked incredible wearing a potato sack.

I came to find out today that legendary movie actress Marilyn Monroe had a few things in common with the state of Idaho. It turns out not only did she leave an Idaho mark on the modeling industry, but she also starred in a 1956 film that was shot just 80 miles north of Twin Falls.

Most movie buffs have heard of the film "Bus Stop," in which Sun Valley provided the backdrop for several scenes. Marilyn Monroe was 30-years-old when she was cast in the movie. She played a saloon singer who is being pursued by an aggressive Montana cowboy.

The movie, which co-starred Don Murray, was the twenty-seventh film in which Marilyn Monroe acted in, and came out the year after "The Seven Year Itch." Marilyn had already established herself as a major player in the film industry, and was adored all over the world.

In 1951, she modeled in a potato sack dress, with the city of Twin Falls clearly represented across the stomach area of the dress. The rumor is that the request was made by her manager. Apparently, a comment had been made that the actress was so beautiful, that she could make a potato sack look sexy.

marilyn 1
marilyn 2

I have to concur. She did pull it off, and forever has this tie to the city of Twin Fall, Idaho. A December, 2017, upload to YouTube tells a little bit more about the photo shoot. Next year marks the 70th anniversary of the shoot.

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