There have been several rather tiny quakes that have happened in the general vicinity of Yellowstone National Park over the last couple weeks. But, this shaker was bigger than those and happened way closer to Idaho than the others.

The USGS reported that this earthquake registered a 3.4 on the Richter Scale. It was centered north of Rexburg near where Idaho and Montana meet. I believe that the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology felt this one, according to the USGS. There's also more information about this particular quake on the University of Utah website.

I'll state the obvious in saying that earthquakes are common near Yellowstone. Most register in the 2's or below. A 3.4 is definitely an attention getter. Now, we can wait and see if this is the beginning of a quake swarm or a bigger shake.

For more information about earthquakes near Yellowstone, check out the USGS website.

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