I bet most people have at least one movie that they wish they could either see on the big screen or never saw giant size and wish they had. For me, I have a list of movies that I never saw in the theater. We didn't go the see movies often as kids since there were nine of us and that would have been like a whole paycheck for my dad! I actually wrote about this a few years ago that I would love to see the original Back To The Future and Top Gun in a theater. That was in 2017 when I actually got to see The Princess Bride at the Magic Valley Cinema 13, which was awesome.

This year they are doing it again. Fathom Events has a new list of classic movies to be shown throughout the year at the Magic Valley Mall theater. This year the movies include When Harry Met Sally in December, Field of Dreams in June, and they just announced that they'll be screening the Muppet Movie in July to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

I never saw any of those movies in the theater so this is a pretty cool chance to experience them as they were meant to be seen. Plus if you are willing to travel up to Boise you'll have the chance to see The Shawshank Redemption, Alien, and Forrest Gump.

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