We love movies. We love the movie theater experience. If you bring up the missing drive-in theaters in Twin Falls you'll get hordes of people wishing they were still an option. We wrote about the demolition of the old Twin Falls cinema and our social media pages were flooded with stories, feeling, and memories of that old building. The movie going experience is always changing and this latest idea could be the best change ever. It could also be the worst idea ever.

There is a theater chain in Switzerland called Pathé Schweiz and they have a theater with beds instead of chairs. My original impression is that this would be awesome! Then I really started thing about it and realized that maybe it just looks cool and would actually be terrible. Before you get grossed out at the thought of dirty beds while watching a show, the theater says the bedding is changed after every showing. So the real concern for me is an issue I have with regular theater seating. What if you get stuck next to someone you don't know? You would have to go to this theater with someone and it would have to be an even number of people so someone doesn't get left alone with a stranger on a bed. Issue number two is that I fall asleep so easy when I lay down. I'd buy my ticket and probably be asleep before the trailers finished. Then the theater would have to deal with my possible snoring.

Maybe if you rented out the whole theater for friends and family it would be cool without being awkward. This place even has a kids theater with a slide, ball pit, and bean bag chairs.

What do you think about the movie theater beds?

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