TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Multiple men were caught in a sex sting operation in Twin Falls this past weekend.

According to court records, at least six men were charged with enticing of children along with other charges this past weekend after the Twin Falls Police Department in cooperation with Homeland Security agents set up an operation on April 6, to catch predators on social media.

Charging documents on several of the cases indicate police and investigators set up mock accounts on various social media sites and apps pretending to be juvenile females.

In most scenarios, the suspect would begin talking to who they thought was a teenage girl, in which the conversations became sexual. The men then allegedly agreed to meet up with the supposed girl, first by being directed to go to a local gas station and then to a house that was set up as a decoy.

All of the accused showed up and went to the house where they were arrested and charged. One of the men charged is 23-year-old Solomon Peppley, who responded to an online ad and began talking with an agent he thought was a 13-year-old girl. Police say in charging documents Peppley is a youth minister at a Nampa area church. The church on its Facebook page says that he only worked as an assistant and was never alone with children.

Police say that Peppley requested nude photos and agreed to take a taxi service to Twin Falls to meet her. When he showed up he was arrested and charged with enticing of children through the internet and sexual exploitation of a child.

Aaron Evans, 26, is also facing one count of enticing of children for allegedly texting with someone he thought was a teen and agreeing to meet up with them. Robert Barney, 39, was charged with enticing of children and driving under the influence. Fernando Hernandez, 28, is also charged with enticing of children as is Eric William, 22. Jeffrey Davis, 55, is also facing charges.

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