JACKPOT, Idaho (KLIX) Nevada wildlife officials are looking for those responsible for poaching a moose south of the Nevada-Idaho state line in late December. According to the Nevada Department of Wildlife, a citizen found and reported the dead adult moose on December 25 near the intersection of Sun Creek access road and O'Neil Basin Road. Officials say someone may have seen something in the area at the time of the incident as ask people to report it. The moose's head and some meat had been taken by the poacher or poachers.

“The moose was killed sometime in middle to late December in a very visible area,” said NDOW Game Warden Fred Esparza. “It’s very possible someone might have seen something that could be helpful in catching the individuals responsible. Even if you just saw a vehicle parked in that area or a hunter on an ATV or UTV, we would like that information.”

Operation Game Thief is offering a $1,000 reward for information that will lead to a conviction. Nevada Wildlife says this is the third incident of moose poaching in the last three years, however the first two were misidentified and the hunters self-reported the incidents. Nevada hasn't officially counted how many moose live in the state, but it estimates there are some 25 to 40 of the animals. If you have any information to provide on this poaching case, call Nevada Department of Wildlife's Operation Game Thief at (800) 992-3030.

General area of poaching incident:

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