A new food truck dropped anchor in Twin Falls today. 

The Anchor Bistro & Bar in Twin Falls is taking their show on the road. The Anchor's 'Damn Fine Food Truck' served up lunch today in the parking lot at Title Fact in Twin Falls. Patrons were able to choose from a lunch menu featuring salads, tacos and sandwiches.

One of my favorite menu items at The Anchor is the steak and bacon Cobb salad, and the one served by the truck is every bit as good as what they serve at the restaurant.  If you enjoy the food at the Anchor, the truck will not disappoint.

Expect to see the Anchor truck at various pop-up locations throughout Twin Falls come spring and summer.  The crew told us you can keep tabs on where the food truck is headed next, by checking Facebook and Instagram.

Until then, the Anchor food truck is available for private catering.

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