BOISE, Idaho – A two-week project that will help protect wildlife from highway traffic will begin April 16 near Lucky Peak Reservoir.

Contractors working for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game will be installing specially fabricated “wildlife guards” across Spring Shores Road to prevent big game animals from entering the highway via the access road.

“Most people are familiar with cattle guards that prevent livestock movement from one area to another,” Fish and Game habitat biologist Krista Biorn said in a prepared statement. “These wildlife guards are simply a modified design.”

Construction will be Mondays through Thursday from April 16 through May 1.

According to Fish and Game,

More than 7,000 mule deer and nearly 1,500 elk spend the winter months on the Boise River Wildlife Management Area and surrounding foothills. … State Highway 21 bisects this winter range area, and the number of wildlife/vehicle collisions and close encounters has increased steadily as more motorists use the highway.

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