It's always nice when Idaho gets a shout out from someone famous or we find out a cool connection between Idaho and some celebrity. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be a celebrity we like, as proved a few moths ago when I wrote that a Kardashian had visited Idaho. Most comments about the story were 'who cares' yet it was one of the most-viewed stories at that time. We just like the fact that Idaho is good enough for everyone, even if we won't admit it out loud.

Idaho has popped up in a few songs over the years, and if I'm giving my honest opinion, none of them are very good. Sure Lynyrd Skynyrd name-drops Idaho in 'What's My Name' and the B-52's had 'Private Idaho', but I don't ever listen to those songs. We found seven Idaho songs a few years ago, and you can listen to them all at this link. Again, none of them are something I'd listen to by choice.

But good news Idaho, I just found a new 'Idaho' song that was released last year by a band named Slow Pulp and I actually really like it and you will too. They recently performed the song 'Idaho' for a Seattle radio station KEXP. Listen to it below.

So the song is cool and very easy to enjoy, but I don't get the Idaho name for it. The lyrics don't ever mention our state and the group is from Chicago. But, since we like the attention, we'll take the cool new song as a win for Idaho.

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