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The greenies have a conundrum.

They want green energy to power the future. They don’t want to get the goods needed to make it happen.  I found a story at this link that explains how granola gobblers are caught between a rock and a hard place.  Not far from southwest Idaho is a mountain pass in Nevada.  It may contain vast reserves of lithium.  The mineral powers the batteries they need for the transition to a wholly electric economy.

The project had been on hold because the tree huggers objected.  I know they primarily live in fantasy land, but you can’t have lithium batteries without lithium.  At the moment, we mostly import the element from rivals and hostiles.  It’s expensive to pay someone else, especially when they collect your money and build bombs they then point in your direction.

If a shooting war starts, we won’t have access to just about all of the components of the far-fetched transition.

Can some of these people give me a reasonable explanation of how their contradictory positions are workable?

When I was a little boy I told my dad that groceries should be free.  I was five years old.  I also believed in Santa Claus and a large rabbit that delivered candy.  He explained the chain from producer to grocery shelf and that all the people along the links needed to make a living.

You lefties are naïve.  It bothers me that you didn't mature.  You’ve had a break from reality.

The new green economy won’t arrive with pixie dust and wishes.

By the way, the photo above is from a great website you can visit by clicking here.

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