BOISE, Idaho – If you own a boat or other watercraft, expect some changes to the registration and renewal process.

Changes to the registration process, which have been made by the U.S. Coast Guard, impact boat owners across the U.S., including Idaho. The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation recently mailed registration renewals to boat owners.

“Individuals who receive renewal notices in the mail can renew their vessel registration as they typically do,” Tammy Kolsky, IDPR reservation and registration program manager, said in a prepared statement.

“Boat owners who did not receive renewal notices will instead receive a letter in the next few weeks with additional instruction on what’s needed before their vessel can be registered for 2017 and in compliance with new U.S. Coast Guard regulations.”

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Changes to the regulations include:

  • Mandatory verification of your hull identification number (HIN)
  • New requirements for unique identifiers for all boat owners

Unique identifiers include:

  • Your driver’s license and date of birth (Idaho residents only) OR
  • Your tax identification number which can be your social security number OR
  • Employer identification number OR
  • An individual tax identification number

“IDPR is in the process of creating and testing an online portal to assist vessel owners with compliance of the new rules and process,” Kolsky said. “Most vessel owners will be able to easily log-in to supply needed information, then be prompted to renew their registration online.

“The letters that will be sent to vessel owners will include the necessary link to access the portal and instruction.”

IDPR reports that a small number of vessel owners in Idaho will not be able to update their information electronically and will require an official inspection, only available through the Idaho Transportation Department.

Vessel owners who have not received renewal notices and need their registrations immediately can call the IDPR Registration Program at 1-800-247-6332 or email  for assistance.

Source: Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation

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